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My Gear

Running Brooks Cascadia 5 - my mud, snow trail & slop shoes Brooks Ghost 3 - shoes I wear when I pretend I'm a real runner (photo source Biking Trek 1.5 - my long distance, butt killer road bike Jamis Durango 1.0 - my crashing through the trees aka the bike I fall off the most mountain bike Trek Wasabi - my laid-back, often seen parked in front of the bar cruiser GPS Garmin Forerunner 305 with heart rate monitor and speed & cadence sensor - the device I use to keep track of useless information that I like to look at but will probably never use in a meaningful way (photo source Software SportTracks by Zone Five Software - when I get back from a run or ride, the first thing I do is download the data from my GPS into SportTracks and then I spend the time that I should be stretching looking at my data. This software has somehow convinced me that if I run the same route one second faster, I am a running God and if I run it one second slower, I am sorely inadequate and should hang up my shoes. Seriously, thought, this is the best application that I've found so far for managing my Forerunner data. I'm not too thrilled that they recently started charging for the new version and I have yet to make the jump, but I think it's a good product nonetheless.

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